March kicked off in style today, with afternoon temperatures soaring to a sunny 70 degrees or so. Clear skies this evening allow temperatures to take a bit of a dive. They recover Friday, but stop short of today’s levels as clouds increase. A few showers may reach the area by late in the day.

Through Tonight: Clear skies and light winds help the heat of the day quickly float off into space, and temperatures tank. We fall off into the 50s by 7 or 8 p.m and into the 40s by midnight. Early morning lows range from 30-35 in the cooler suburbs to near 40 downtown.

Friday: The day starts off pretty promising with partly to mostly sunny skies. But, gradually, clouds increase and there’s a 40% of showers by mid-to-late afternoon from southwest to northeast. Highs range from 55-60 (possibly a bit higher if clouds are delayed). Winds come in from the south at 10-15 mph.

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Saturday storms?: Earlier I blogged about the potential for a serious severe weather outbreak on Friday in the Tennessee Valley. The responsible front will move through the D.C. area Saturday morning. Some heavy downpours, gusty winds, and thunder are certainly possible. However, a big severe weather outbreak appears unlikely since the storm will come through during the morning (rather than coinciding with peak heating), and the airmass over D.C. will be more stable. If severe weather develops, it’s more likely to occur to our south and southeast. We will keep you posted.