With our average high nearing 50 and our average low at freezing and soon to rise above, there’s no way around it being kind of cold out there compared to normal. No real sign that changes in any major way right away either. At least we’ve got plenty of sun to enjoy during the day! I’m soaking up that Vitamin D whenever I can.

Through Tonight: Skies are mostly clear through the night and it’s pretty cold. Lows eventually dip to near 20 in the cold spots to the mid-20s in the warm. Winds from the northwest should wane a bit overnight, but they’ll stay up around 10 mph with higher gusts.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Mostly sunny. It’s another nice looking but not nice feeling one out there. Highs only make the upper 30s to near 40. With northwest winds still in the 15-20 mph range midday, with higher gusts, wind chills will hold near freezing or a bit below.

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Lake effect snow: Do mountains or elevated areas impact lake effect snow? A new study shows they probably do. Looking just at the Salt Lake City area, researchers found that mountains help funnel the air across the lake, helping to create snow. Mountains further off can also influence by deflecting cold air away.