Behind last night’s cold front, brisk winds from the northwest ushered in much cooler temperatures. Still, even just partial March sunshine lifted afternoon temperatures into the mid-to-upper 50s. We won’t be that mild tomorrow, but when winds from the south come back Sunday, it will get even warmer than today.

Through Tonight: Quite a cold night, and it’s possible it won’t feel this chilly again until next fall/winter. Temperatures fall back into the low 30s downtown, with mid-to-upper 20s in the colder suburbs. But with winds from north at 10-20 mph, and gusts of 25+ mph - it will feel as cold as 18-25 (suburbs-city) late tonight.

Saturday and Saturday night: Cold high pressure builds over the region during the day which relaxes the winds. So even though temperatures are probably some 5-8 degrees cooler than Friday - it feels about the same. Skies are sunny with highs 47-53 (northwest-south). Clear and cold Saturday night, with lows 25-33 (suburbs-city).

Sunday: High pressure moves offshore and winds come in from the south (at around 10 mph). That along with lots of sunshine push temperatures into the low-to-mid 60s for highs.

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Pollen: The U.S. Army Allergen Lab reports tree pollen is HIGH at 468 spores per cubic meter. It’s down slightly from yesterday’s count of 740 spores per cubic meter.

Hawaii severe weather/flooding: Flooding rains and severe thunderstorms have lashed Hawaii over the last week. Today, a thunderstorm produced 3” diameter hail on Oah­u, and National Weather Service meteorologist Tom Birchard called the hailstorm “unprecedented”. Extensive flooding has occurred in both Kauai and Maui. Hanelei, Hawaii on Kauai, recorded 35.97 inches of rain in just over two days according to AccuWeather. See pictures and tweets from AccuWeather and Satellite image.