Following several days of cloudy weather, today’s sunshine was welcome. But, boy was it windy. Winds gusted to 30-40 mph for much of the afternoon. Gradually, overnight, the winds drop but so do temperatures. Friday, temperatures rebound while the breeze is only a light one.

Through Tonight: You’ll need a jacket if you’re out and about. This evening it’s both chilly and breezy as temperatures fall back through the 60s and eventually into the 50s. By early morning, winds die down as low temperatures range from near 40 in the colder suburbs to the upper 40s downtown.

Friday: One of the nicest days in a long time. Skies are a sunny clear blue helping those chilly morning lows in the 40s recover into the low 70s for afternoon highs. Winds are from the northwest at 10-15 mph.

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Pollen: Tree pollen is HIGH at 175.4 grains per cubic meter. Grass pollen is moderate at 17.25 grains per cubic meter. Weed pollen is LOW and mold spores (with the cloudy, damp weather) sky rocketed into the HIGH range at 29,534.22 spores/cubic meter.