The day began on a volatile note with plummeting temperatures, wind, rain and then sleet. But conditions stabilized this afternoon and will remain tranquil though brisk into the day tomorrow and beyond.

Through Tonight: One of the colder nights of the fall thus far. Skies are clear and temperatures dip into the upper 20s in the colder suburbs to the low-to-mid 30s downtown. Winds relax a little, but a lingering breeze from the north at 5-10 mph adds a modest chill factor.

Wednesday: Skies are sunny, but it’s cooler than normal. Flow from the north (winds 10 mph or so) caps high temperatures in the mid-40s to near 50 degrees.

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Thanksgiving week coastal storm: Models - for the most part- are holding on to the idea of an East Coast storm Sunday through Wednesday although they differ on the intensity, track and, hence, the impacts. As I said yesterday, temperatures are probably too warm for anything but rain locally. Simulations continue to suggest the possibility of a slow-moving storm, which could cause erosion issues for coastal areas. We’ll have more on this tomorrow.