Talking about starting the month with a clean slate, the region enjoyed 100% sunshine today. That helped temperatures climb into the low 50s, just about average for the date. Skies remain cloud-free tonight into Friday when temperatures edge back into warmer than average territory.

Through Tonight: It doesn’t get much better for the lighting of the National Christmas tree between 5 and 7 p.m. tonight (watch it live). (Note - the tree is a new one after a February wind storm toppled the previous) Temperatures should gradually fall from around 48 to 45 degrees with clear skies above. Temperatures steadily fall the remainder of the night, with lows from the mid-20s in the colder suburbs to the mid-30s downtown. Winds are calm.

Friday: Another sunny day. You may have to scrape frost off of your wind shields in spots, but temperatures rapidly recover, reaching the mid-to-upper 50s by mid-afternoon. A weak cold front moves through in the afternoon around that time but, being utterly moisture deprived, may be challenged to produce even a few mid-level clouds. Winds are light, coming in from the west and northwest at around 5-10 mph in the afternoon.

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Seattle high pressure record: The barometric pressure at Seattle-Tacoma airport rose to 1043.4 mb, the highest on record (since 1948). The pressure difference between the Pacific Northwest and the intense upper low in the Southwest is driving the damaging wind storm I blogged about earlier today.