Saturday’s a perfect 10

Lots of folks complained about the abrupt shift from winter to summer with no spring in between. But Saturday at least, we get spring weather at its finest. Today wasn’t too shabby either, with a fair dose of sunshine through early afternoon. And even though it’s clouded over late, we’ve still managed to reach around 70. We’ll shed these clouds soon, and you’ll love the outlook for Saturday...

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Through Tonight: Considerable evening cloud cover (and possibly a sprinkle/shower, especially north, less than 20 percent chance) gradually fades away. By late tonight, it’s mostly clear. Low temps are a little chilly - ranging from near 40 in the colder suburbs to the upper 40s downtown.

Tomorrow (Saturday): Without a doubt, one of the finest days of spring 2011. Sunshine is ample, and temperatures warm to right around 70. A breeze from the north around 10 mph is pleasant and not overbearing.

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April 27 tornado outbreak death toll: The number of fatalities in Alabama has risen to 228 and the overall death toll is now at 318, surpassing the Super Outbreak of 1974.

Walter Reed pollen update: Microbiologist Susan Kosisky writes -”After the rain, the tree pollen quickly rebounded yesterday afternoon and this morning. Mold spores were also plentiful. Tree pollen remains HIGH at 756.23 gr/cubic meter, grasses are LOW at 1.28 gr/cubic meter, weeds are LOW at 0.32 gr/cubic meter and mold spores climbed into the MODERATE range at 7264.35 spores/cubic meter of air. Oak, birch, sycamore, mulberry and walnut are the primary tree offenders.”