A cold front sinking south through the mid-Atlantic has shoved away the blanket of clouds and clearing is underway. Clear cool nights and sunny seasonably mild afternoons have arrived for an extended stay. We could really use some rain, but we may as well enjoy the incoming stretch of splendid spring weather.

Through Tonight: Partly cloud skies become clear and that allows some of the heat from today’s 70+ highs to radiate back into space. Lows dip into the mid-30s in the cooler suburbs to mid-40s downtown.

Thursday: Sunny, sunny, sunny - with cool high pressure firmly in control. A brisk wind from the north slows the rate of daylight warming, with highs in the low 60s - right around average.

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Reading material: 1) Paul Douglas - who wrote what I called a “personal, passionate, and persuasive” science-based appeal about Republicans and climate change - has a new powerful essay on tornadoes: Tornado Warning: “One of These Days a Single Tornado Will Claim Over 1,000 American Lives” . 2) Ryan Hanrahan, a broadcast meteorologist in Connecticut, writes a thoughtful blog on the AccuWeather 25-day forecasts (though the headline is kind of harsh).

Pollen: Trees are HIGH at 1098 grains/cubic meter - up from 308 Tuesday.