Highs near 50 and some sun. After this weekend’s chill it was a nice reprieve. After all, if it’s not going to snow: it might as well be mild! It looks like we stick with generally above average temperatures for much or all of the work week, though this might be our nicest day of the bunch. Hopefully you enjoyed that sun today, as it might be hard to come by much more before Christmas.

Through Tonight: Clouds are on the increase and we see mostly cloudy skies overnight. A frontal boundary near the area may bring some showers along after midnight and toward morning. Any rain should be pretty light though. Lows range from the mid-30s to near 40.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): The frontal boundary hangs out pretty close most of the day before probably starting to lift north late. Off and on showers are possible (30-40% chance) through much of the day, potentially tapering during the afternoon. Highs are probably mainly in the 40s, perhaps as cool as the mid-40s in some spots with others reaching near 50. As with tonight, any precipitation should be light, and it may also focus north and northwest of the area.

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Snow dreams: It seems folks in this area like snow, perhaps since we don’t get a ton year to year. Talk of a potential Christmastime storm is floating around today, and while it’s not time to get excited here, there is at least a slight chance of some flakes in the area. Last night’s models were a bit more promising than the new runs today though, and the setup will be quite marginal even in areas that favor snow more than the 95 corridor (elevation to the northwest and then up into New England). It’s still something to watch, and we’ll have more on it over the coming days.