* Winter storm watch for most of Washington, D.C. metro area *

Clouds, clouds, clouds… forever? Seems that way. They’re definitely not going anywhere over the next day or so. The good news is the light off-and-on sprinkle or light rain regime we’ve seen during the day is trying to push east, though it might not be the speediest process east and south. Tomorrow’s snow threat? It’s complicated.

Through Tonight: Skies remain cloudy, with showers possible into the evening, mainly over south and east parts of the area. Those showers should dwindle late, but might actually pick up again by dawn - so not too nice out there. Lows range from near freezing in the coldest spots to the mid-and-upper 30s most locations.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Highs occur early in the day, with readings near 40 assuming a morning onset of precip. Maybe low-to-mid 40s if later or less consistent. Once steadier precipitation begins to move in, most likely between late morning and around noon, temperatures fall back into the 30s. If rain is mixed in initially, it should turn to snow fairly quick, with snow possibly continuing into evening.

As we’re likely to remain on the northern edge of precipitation, snow amount forecasts are quite tricky. Most spots should pick up conversational (mostly non-accumulating) snow to an inch or two, with higher amounts south and lower north. If the wetter models verify, totals may end up more in the 2-4” range locally, but we favor drier solutions for now. Our map and other details fromour previous update remain largely on track.

Our next update will be posted by 11 p.m. tonight or sooner, as news warrants.

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