Along with lots of clouds, some fog and drizzle, we’ve seen a fairly sizeable range in highs today from the upper 50s to mid-60s, thanks to shifting winds across the area. Most spots peaked early (around lunchtime) and temperatures have been dipping back into and through the 50s since. We’ve got more cloud cover and rain to dodge for the next two days or so as well, so keep that umbrella handy.

Through Tonight: It stays gray, cool and dismal throughout the night. Watch for areas of fog and drizzle. Periods of showers are likely as well, though I don’t think totals will be particularly high through sunrise, and it could all be rather hit-or-miss. Lows should reach the upper 40s to lower 50s.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): We should be more consistently in the rain on Tuesday compared to today. The best odds of seeing rain are probably midday through afternoon, but it could start earlier and/or last longer as well. Highs try for the mid-and-upper 50s, but if we get enough precipitation that may keep us at the lower end of the scale.

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Kenneth: No, not this guy. A rare late-season hurricane is churning in the Eastern Pacific today well south of Baja California. Kenneth won’t impact any land, but if it becomes a major hurricane -- as currently expected -- it will be the latest such has occurred since satellites came into use.

Atlantic action? A little less interesting, but also quite late, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring an area of disturbed weather well to the east southeast of Bermuda. There is currently a high chance that it becomes a subtropical cyclone.