A blanket of clouds capped temperatures at below average levels once again today, with highs struggling to reach 50. That cloud deck will erode tonight and we get ample sunshine to close out the work week. Temperatures, however, remain on the cool side of normal.

Through Tonight: It may take until midnight before clouds begin to meaningfully decrease. By dawn, few clouds should remain. Lows range from the low-to-mid 30s in the colder suburbs to near 40 downtown. Winds are light from the north, generally less than 5 mph.

Friday: Mostly sunny and pleasant in an invigorating way. Highs are in the upper 40s to low 50s (maybe some mid-50s well south of town) - which is below normal, but we won’t have a lot of wind to contend with. Breezes only reach 5-10 mph from the north.

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Coastal storm threat essentially gone: The coastal storm we discussed as a possiblity earlier in the week looks to form so far out to sea, that it will have few if any impacts, even at the beaches. Perhaps Sunday into Monday, there’s some onshore flow which produces cloudy skies and some higher seas...but no big deal.