It’s still cloudy. Of course! So far, much of the day has been dry outside some fog and drizzle this morning, plus the high levels of humidity. Highs in the mid-to-upper 70s don’t feel too bad though. A slug of moisture is now advancing into the area from the southwest and this should keep off-and-on showers going through the evening.

Through Tonight: Scattered showers are a threat (60% chance) through the night. It won’t rain all the time though. But, check radar before heading out or carry an umbrella just in case. Lows reach the mid-60s to near 70. With all the humidity around and light or nonexistent winds overnight, we could see some fog again heading into morning.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Mostly cloudy, pretty humid and a rain risk -- the usual? Rain continues to be likely (about a 60% chance), though as with overnight, it won’t rain all the time. Highs should shoot for the upper 70s to 80ish. We could end up a bit higher than that, though daytime temperatures have generally “underperformed” thanks to all the clouds lately, so I would not bet on it.

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Storm shelters: More than 1,500 tornadoes have been reported so far this year which is over 200 more than the current average. Of course, extremely notable events like April 27 and the Joplin tornado will remain etched in our minds for some time to come. It’s no surprise, perhaps, that the storm shelters business is booming. CNN reports that some businesses have sold more than twice their normal numbers this year, and some are reporting a backlog in filling orders.

Pollen update: Susan Kosisky from Walter Reed writes, “The last 24 hour count is incomplete due to rain. Mold spores are MODERATE at 11979.66 spores/cubic meter and grass pollen is LOW at 0.32 gr/cubic meter.”