For the first time this month, temperatures were below average today, with highs only reaching the low-to-mid 40s. Winds from the southerly direction slowly bring in some milder air Friday, but incoming clouds put a cap highs around 50 degrees. We can’t entirely rule out some sprinkles or patchy light rain.

Through Tonight: Clouds increase so it’s not as cold as last night. Lows range from near freezing in the colder suburbs to the upper 30s downtown. Winds are light from the southeast, around 5 mph.

Friday: A nearby stationary front will serve as a focus for some light rain (even spotty freezing rain possible in the colder mountain valleys in the morning), but - by and large - it should stay to the northwest much of the day. I’ll place odds of measurable rain in the D.C. area at 15-25 percent (southeast-northwest). Skies are cloudy, with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. Winds are from the south at 10 mph.

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Snowless streaks: Des Moines, Iowa tied its longest snowless streak on record today at 277 days straight while Omaha broke its 285 day record, reaching 286 straight snowless days. The Weather Channel reports Chicago and Milwaukee will likely also tie or break snowless streaks in the coming days.