Another cloudy day under our belts -- seems like the main story of winter so far. Temperatures that peaked near 60 earlier today have fallen back through the 50s and into the 40s across the area as cooler air filters in from the north and northwest. While the first of a number of potential batches of rain largely missed to the south today, you should get your fill in the coming period.

Through Tonight: Moving deeper into the evening, showers become more likely (80% chance) at times and then continue through the night. It shouldn’t rain particularly hard at any time, and there may be sizeable breaks, but plan on bringing an umbrella if headed out. We’re cooler overnight, though it’s hard to call it cold given norms, with lows making the mid-30s to near 40.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Once again, we’ve got showers likely (60% chance) through the day. As with the overnight, it might not rain all the time, or particularly heavy, but it should still generally be a wet one out there. Temps are back about where they should be this time of year, with highs largely near 40 or into the low 40s, but some mid-40s also possible.

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No snow, no good: In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the lack of wintry weather is a cause for concern as it takes its toll on business in the area. So far this year, snowcover has been marginal for outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing. Ice on lakes is also less than normal. Over the last two or three winters, wintry weather has been less than dependable with temperatures soaring into the 70s last March. Larger parts of the region are facing the same tale. Fortunately, colder air should be around in the coming period.