With afternoon temperatures holding mainly in the 40s, today was the coldest since October 29 when it snowed. And with winds gusting over 30 mph at times, it felt even colder. Winds relax tonight, but it’s quite chilly. Saturday and especially Sunday, afternoon temperatures moderate.

Through Tonight: Winds of 10-20 mph this evening from the northwest, gradually diminish to 5 mph or so towards morning. At the same time, skies gradually clear. Temperatures steadily drop in response, with lows from the upper 20s in the colder suburbs to the mid-30s downtown.

The weekend: After a cold start Saturday, full sunshine boosts afternoon temperatures well into the 50, with a few spots touching 60 or so. Clear skies Saturday night, with lows 30-40 (suburbs-city). On Sunday, mostly sunny skies early give way to some increasing clouds during the afternoon. Highs take aim for the low 60s (but may hold in the 50s if clouds are more prevalent than forecast or reach 65 if the increase in clouds is delayed)

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