We’re on the cusp of hitting an average high of 70 degrees in D.C., though on a day like this it might be hard to believe! Afternoon temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to near 50 are still a bit of a shock to the system after all the warmth we saw this winter and last week. The good news is that after tonight, temperatures begin to moderate again, and we should even head back toward “normal” by Wednesday or so. But first, we’ve got a few more showers and wind chills to deal with.

Through Tonight: We stick with about a 50/50 shot of showers at any location into the evening, and it’s possible someone could see a random snowflake or graupel pellet mixed in. Otherwise, it’s mostly cloudy, with perhaps some additional breaks late night into morning. Lows settle into the mid-30s in the suburbs to nearer 40 downtown. Winds relax a bit, though they’re still around 10 mph sustained.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): With any luck, we’ll see some sun! But, probably not a ton of it. Cold air aloft will contribute to additional clouds if we do get some sunny periods. And there’s also a slight risk of showers, particularly in the morning. Highs should range from the upper 50s to lower 60s. Still a little cooler than normal, but after today it should feel pretty good. However, winds will be up again, blowing around 10-20 mph with higher gusts.

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Western heat: While the northeast faced a late-season snow event, much of the southwest was baking under high heat. Yesterday, Phoenix, Az. and Las Vegas, Nv. were among places which set record highs. The 105-degree reading in Phoenix was not only a daily record but the highest ever recorded in April. Today, the heat has moved east a bit, and Denver was expecting a record high as well.

Pollen update: The pollen count has been washed out by recent rains. However, it’s expected that grass pollen will rise thanks to all the new moisture around.