It turned out to be a relatively mild Inauguration Day, with mid-40s in the District to around 50 degrees just south of town. It will be at least a week until it is this warm again as arctic air is on the brink of spilling into the area. Highs hold in the 20s Tuesday and wind chills will be in the single digits and teens!

Through Tonight: Temperatures drop like a rock and winds crank up. That’s not a pretty combination.

If you’re headed out to an inaugural ball, come equipped with a heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves - you’ll want them when you head home. Temperatures are subfreezing by 8-10 p.m. and into the 20s by midnight in most spots. By morning, lows dip into the high teens and low 20s. Winds increase to 15-20 mph, gusting to 25-30 mph at times. Wind chills by early morning are in the single digits and low teens.

We could see some clouds and a snow flurry through mid-evening (best chance towards Baltimore and to the north/northeast), but after 10 p.m. skies are mainly clear. Good news if you want to see the moon and Jupiter as close together as they’ll be until 2026!

Tuesday: Skies are mostly sunny, but bitter cold winds from the west at 15-20 mph don’t allow temperatures to make much headway. Highs are only in the low-to-mid 20s, with wind chills mostly in the teens except single digits in the morning and evening.

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Minneapolis ends longest streak without high below zero: For a record long period of four years (or 1,466 days), the Twin Cities did not experience a high temperature below zero. That appears to have ended today as the high so far has not exceeded -4.