* Frost advisory Montgomery, Howard, and Loudoun co. and points north and west 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. Friday (map) *

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For the first time since early March and only the 2nd time since January, we strung together two colder than average days. Temperatures could do no better than about 60, but there are much warmer times to come. After a clear, chilly night, sunny skies put us back close to normal to close out the work week, into the mid-60s.

Through Tonight: Clouds thin out this evening and eventually skies are clear. With light winds, temperatures take a fall, bottoming out in the low-to-mid 40s downtown with mid-30s in the colder suburbs where some frost is possible.

Friday: A beautiful day. High pressure produces clear blue skies and with the strong April sun beating down, we recover from the chilly 30s/40s into the mid-60s during the afternoon - with a few upper 60s south of town. Winds are light.

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Pollen update: Trees are in the HIGH range at 261.34 grains/cubic meter. Grass pollen is LOW at 0.32 grains/cubic meter. Weed pollen is LOW at 0.32 grains/cubic meter. Mold spores are in the LOW range at 358.07 spores/cubic meter.