Could it be that we’re about to break out of this seemingly endless period of clouds and generally miserable weather? Looks that way! Today’s highs, while still rather chilly, already indicate a smidge of a warming trend. Even with drizzle and showers mixed with readings near 50 and into the mid-50s, it looks like we’ve just missed out on setting more daytime low maximum records except at National Airport where we may have tied at 53 (based on hourly obs). Fear not, a real temperature jump comes over the next few days.

Through Tonight: The last vestiges of the storm system overhead may still spit out more raindrops in the form of drizzle or showers into the evening, but rain odds should be winding down as time progresses. Clouds stick around for much of the night though as temperatures fall to the low 40s in the cooler suburbs to the mid-or-upper 40s downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Sunshine makes a valiant attempt at returning, and a considerable portion of the day should feature at least some. However, any sun might still be “self defeating” thanks to cold air aloft allowing more clouds to bubble up, so I doubt we’ll totally lose the clouds, and there could be a shower or two. However, the upper-level low pressure likely pulls off well to the northeast as the day progresses, so we’re certainly trending better! Highs should reach the mid-to-upper 60s (maybe a little lower north and east). That’s basically beach weather compared to recently.

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Winter’s arrival? While snow, like seen recently in local mountains, might be somewhat unusual this early in the year, other locations known for their big snows are getting in on the action too. The first winter storm of the season is expected to impact the West Coast over coming days, dropping up to or past 1 foot of snow in the high terrain of the Sierra Nevada as well as bringing rain to lower elevations.

Pollen update: Tree, grass and weed pollen are all LOW. Mold spores are MODERATE at 6725.75 spores/cubic meter.