After day after day of mostly cloudy skies, high humidity, mold, and a whole host of other unsavory elements, we can now say: SEE YA! A dry wind from the west has overtaken the tropical southerly flow, showers are fizzling and the air is cooling. A pleasant evening and fine Friday are in the pipeline.

Through Tonight: Can’t rule out a lingering shower (but odds dropping below 20%) , mainly east of I-95 through dark. Otherwise, it’s partly cloudy to clear, breezy (10-20 mph west winds) and much less humid. Overnight lows range from near 50 in the cooler suburbs to the upper 50s downtown.

Friday: Although a fairly significant cold front passes through the region, it has little moisture to work with. So filtering more sunshine than we’re used to, we only expect scattered mid-to-high level clouds. Temperatures are quite pleasant, with highs in the mid-70s. Winds are from the west at around 10 mph.

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Pollen update from Walter Reed: Trees, grasses, andweeds are LOW. Mold spores are HIGH, and borderline VERY HIGH (99th percentile).

Wet Chicago: So far in 2011, Chicago has received 41.61” of rain - the most year-to-date on record, in 141 years (Source:

Windy and wavy Chicago: The cold front currently blasting through Chicago is forecast to bring winds to 45 mph, but 60 mph over the open waters of Lake Michigan, stirring up offshore waves to 20 feet. (Source: