10:20 p.m. Update: We’ve had a good bit of sleet mixing in with a band of precipitation affecting mainly the eastern half of the area this evening. We’ll continue to see an occasional wintry mix over the next few hours, but with temperatures safely above freezing it should cause no problems.

From 4:30 p.m.: While substantial snow has failed to materialize, it’s feeling pretty wintry out there. Highs in the low-and-mid 40s are a good 15 or more degrees below normal for the date. Plentiful cloudiness and a few patches of light precipitation continue into the evening, but besides bundling up, local weather concerns of note are few.

Through Tonight: Sprinkles or some snowflakes are possible through mid to late evening -- odds for both generally increase the further northeast and east you go. There shouldn’t be any impact from this activity, mainly a mood setter. With all the cloud cover, temperatures are held a bit in check. Some typically colder places still drop to freezing, or just below, while downtown probably reaches the mid-or-upper 30s.

Tomorrow (Thursday): The coastal storm pulls away, and that means any cloudiness early should decrease as we go. Overall, the day ends up partly to mostly sunny on average. Temperatures are up a bit, to a range between about 50 and 55. Yet, winds from the northwest sustained as high as 15 mph should add a chill.

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DCA “snow”: Eight minutes of sleet fell this morning at National Airport, marking the first trace of snow for the year. Any wintry frozen precipitation is counted as snow, and a trace indicates that some fell, but none accumulated. It’s pretty early in the season for the first trace, with only about 1/5th of years on record seeing one by November 7. Last year we saw one on October 29. Prior to that, we have to look back to 1994 for a trace this early or earlier.