An offshore area of low pressure spun in periods of considerable cloud cover today. But there was enough sun for most of us to reach 80 or so. As the low sinks south, clouds decrease into Friday, but it’s not quite perfectly sunny. Temperatures and humidity levels, though, are pretty perfect.

Through Tonight: Skies evolve from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy as the evening wears on. Towards morning, it may even become mostly clear. Temperatures are pleasant, with lows from the upper 50s in the cooler suburbs to the low-to-mid 60s downtown. Winds are light, from the east at 5-10 mph.

Friday: Take today, subtract a few clouds and a little humidity and hold temperatures constant and you’ve got Friday. We’ll have partly cloudy skies with highs near 80. The air dries out a hair due to more of a northerly component to the wind, which is from the northeast at 10-15 mph.

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Pollen: Trees and weeds are LOW. Grasses are MODERATE-HIGH and mold is MODERATE.

U.S. Open Weather: The blog Wasatch Weather Weenies has a nice post on what golfers should expect into the weekend at Olympic Club near San Francisco. Excerpt: For the first round today, the marine airmass will continue to dominate. It will be a cool, cloudy start this morning. However the forecast models call for low pressure to develop over southern California on Friday. Over northern California, this should yield large-scale offshore flow and, for the Olympic Club, improving weather during the day on Friday that should persist through at least Saturday. The players should be quite happy with this shift as it will probably be less cloudy and warmer than one would expect based on climatology.