There’s a common thread with this week’s weather: heat, humidity and hit or miss afternoon and evening showers/storms. So it’s no surprise we close out the work week with those elements in the forecast. Friday distinguishes itself, though, as the hottest day of the week so far.

Through Tonight: The area of storms that developed over Prince George’s county are long gone. For the rest of the evening and overnight, it’s tranquil but muggy. Lows range from the upper 60s in the cooler suburbs to the mid-70s downtown. Winds from the south are light at around 5 mph.

Friday: Partly sunny, hot and humid, with a 20 percent chance of showers and storms which tend to be isolated and develop with little warning. Highs are in the mid-90s, but factoring in humidity it feels close to 100 during the mid-to-late afternoon hours. Breezes remain light and from the south at around 5-10 mph.

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