Despite considerable clouds, we still logged yet another day at or above 90-degrees. Unfortunately for those in need of rain - most of us - showers and thunderstorms have been widely scattered. Storms gradually subside this evening marking the transition to drier and eventually cooler conditions.

Through Tonight: There’s a mere 20-30% of evening storms - which should wind down by between 6 and 10 p.m. from northwest to southeast. Then skies slowly clear - possibly opening up a window for Perseid meteor shower viewing pre-dawn. Lows range from the mid-60s in the cooler suburbs to the low 70s downtown.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): We have wall to wall sunshine which, despite the steady arrival of drier air, boosts afternoon temperatures back into the low 90s. Winds from the west around 10-15 mph will be pleasant. Humidity levels may still feel a little sticky in the morning but should feel much better by evening.

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Pollen update from Walter Reed: “Tree pollen is LOW at 0.64 gr/cubic meter, grass pollen is LOW (NAB range) at 2.88 gr/cubic meter which is more Moderate for our area. Weed pollen is LOW at 4.47 gr/cubic meter and mold spores are in the HIGH range at 15086.88 spores/cubic meter.” For more on the high mold spore count, read the interesting blog post by WJLA’s John Metcalfe.