Outside a few spots of sun, the clouds continue to hold pretty tough across the area. I wish I had a lot of optimistic news on that front, but there’s not much for now. Thanks to all those clouds, temperatures have been struggling to pass the mid-60s to near 70. We should continue to see plenty of gray skies over the coming few days, with a chance of some showers falling from them overnight tonight and then through tomorrow -- perhaps even beyond.

Through Tonight: A cloudy evening continued through the night and a risk for rain enters the picture by near midnight. The risk (about 20% around midnight and 40% by sunrise) of showers then continues through morning. Upper 50s to lower 60s. In addition to some showers, we may see a spot or two of fog with light winds and temperatures nearing the dew point.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Clouds, of course! In addition to those plentiful sun blockers, a chance of showers in the morning continues through the day (40-50%) and there could be an afternoon storm as well. Highs should reach the mid-70s or so -- a few spots could near 80, but without any sun that could be tough.

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Tropics: After a quiet stretch in the Atlantic, there are two areas of disturbed weather the National Hurricane Center is eyeing. The first is small and pretty far north already. It’s unlikely to be anything of note. The follow-on system, however, is looking pretty healthy and has a 60% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone in the coming days. It is also sufficiently far south to think it may end up impacting some landmasses, starting with the easternmost islands of the Caribbean.

Pollen update: Walter Reed’s Susan Kosisky writes, “Tree pollen is LOW at 0.32 gr/cubic meter. Grass pollen is LOW at 1.28 gr/cubic meter. Weed pollen is MODERATE at 10.86 gr/cubic meter (NAB range) which is High for local area weed counts. Mold spores are in the LOW range at 5512.1 spores/cubic meter.”