Another gray day. We’ve had plenty of those lately! At least temperatures are fairly pleasant. Highs near 70 and into the low 70s are not too far from average this time of year, and I’m sure many will take this over early-season heat. Clouds are in no mood to leave, but there should not be much or any precipitation to worry about, at least through midday tomorrow.

Through Tonight: Clouds continue to blanket the region, with it likely remaining mostly dry through the night. We may potentially squeeze out a random shower or sprinkle heading into morning, but nothing widespread is expected. Temperatures ultimately fall to lows in the mid-50s and near 60.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): We should once again see more clouds than sun, and in fact it could be another almost totally cloudy day. A very slight risk of a shower early in the day increases to scattered showers likely by afternoon or evening. Some storms, not likely too strong, are possible as well. Temperatures should head for at least the mid-70s, perhaps a bit higher if we get more sun.

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Snow: While summer forecasts are flying, and we’re getting further and further removed from the cold season, snow is still falling in some areas. In the Colorado foothills and mountains, as much as 7” of snow was reported last night into this morning, with more expected to accumulate mainly on grassy areas today. Even in Denver, it’s a chilly one, with temperatures shooting for the low 50s this afternoon.

Pollen update: Tree pollen is MODERATE at 46.96 grains/cubic meter, grass pollen is HIGH at 21.73 grains/cubic meter, and weed pollen is LOW at 3.83 grains/cubic meter. Mold spores are LOW at 4853.26 spores/cubic meter.