The sweltering and potentially stormy weather pattern we’ve all come to know and love returns Thursday as the Midwest heat dome bleeds east. Meanwhile, a fast jet stream and cold front to the north may power strong to severe thunderstorms, especially north of town.

Through Tonight: Enjoy these waning hours of low humidity and comfortable temperatures. As the night wears on, humidity gradually increases and the mercury’s decline eventually grounds to a halt. Lows range from the mid-60s in the cooler suburbs to the low 70s downtown.

Thursday: We awake to much more humid conditions than we fell asleep to. The heat advisory officially kicks in at noon as temperatures rapidly climb above 90. By late afternoon, highs reach 97-101 - just shy of the record of 103 at Reagan National. Factoring in the humidity, it feels as hot as 105. There’s a slight chance of thunderstorms (20-30 percent chance), with odds increasing as you go north. Any storms that develop may produce damaging winds.

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Significant severe weather outbreak for Northeast possible Thursday: NOAA’s Storm Prediction writes - “POTENTIAL FOR A WIDESPREAD DAMAGING WIND EVENT/DERECHO ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON FROM PARTS OF THE MIDWEST TO THE NORTHEAST.” The area highlighted at greatest risk (the rare moderate risk designation) spans from Ohio through central Pennsylvania and southern New York. The D.C. area, while on the fringe of the lower “slight risk” area, should remain alert as these zones could shift.