Today’s weather was tough to beat. Sure it was breezy at times, but the abundance of sunshine and absence of humidity made it a pleasure to be outdoors. A lovely night lies ahead, it’s almost fall-like with crisp morning temps. Wednesday’s not at all bad considering the low humidity but, by afternoon, temperatures turn a bit toasty.

Through Tonight: Clear, calm and cool. The dry air (dew points upper 40s) helps temperatures taking a steady fall, down to near 50 in the cooler suburbs to near 60 downtown. Winds are light.

Wednesday: The walk to work or school feels great. Even the midday sun doesn’t feel too bad, as we near 80 degrees. By late afternoon, as the mercury reaches the mid-to-upper 80s, the air may start to feel a bit less comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s just a small taste of what’s to come.

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Pollen: Trees counts are LOW-MODERATE, grasses MODERATE-HIGH, weeds LOW-MODERATE, mold MODERATE