We’ve been pretty socked in with clouds all day thanks to this pesky marine layer that seems to be enjoying its stay overhead. But, temperatures still made it to highs near 70, which is certainly nothing to complain about. Any breaks here and there are likely to fill back in heading into the night, and we’ve got a near repeat tomorrow before Hurricane Sandy starts to close in on Sunday.

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Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Through Tonight: It’s a calm evening, not a bad overall despite the cloudiness. We continue with an onshore flow which means those clouds stay pretty thick, and there could be some late-night fog and drizzle in spots. Lows are fairly uniform across the area, ranging from about 53 to 58 for lows.

Saturday: Perhaps the most certain part of the weekend forecast is that Saturday won’t present many (if any) weather problems. It will, however, remain pretty cloudy (maybe a few peeks of sun), and there’s a slight chance of a shower late day. I would not expect much rain (20% chance), but we’re in between an advancing Sandy and a cold front to the west, so it can’t be ruled out. Highs should reach the mid-60s to near 70. Winds are mostly about 5-10 mph with some higher gusts.

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Sunday: Usually the forecast becomes more certain as we close in, but for now Sunday appears less certain than it did earlier due to some slight shifts on models. Before Sandy hooks left toward landfall, it should be moving north or northeast. And if it’s too far east, the initial pass might miss us with rain (better odds of rain east of the bay). Given newer data, it seems the odds of rain around here are around 50%, or rising there as the day progresses and turns into evening. Either way, wind should increase from about 10-15 mph early to 20-25 mph late (with higher gusts) as the storm center nears. Highs should range from the mid-50s to near 60.

Sandy update: At 5 p.m., Sandy has sustained winds of 75 mph and it is moving slowly north. The latest discussion mentions that it’s likely the storm will be downgraded to a tropical storm soon, but that re-strengthening is likely before landfall. Tropical storm warnings have been extended north to St Augustine, Fl. and watches have been upgraded to warnings along the Carolina coastline.

Afternoon Hurricane Sandy news: States of emergency have been issued in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina thus far. Additional states, as well as D.C., seem to have a decent shot to get added to this list (update: DC now included). In NYC, Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference in which he urged residents to keep track of the storm and consider evacuating if in areas prone to flooding. It was also announced that bridges, tunnels and MTA service will be suspended if/when winds rise above 39 mph.

Pollen update: Tree, grass and mold are all low.