A little disturbance is rippling through the region this evening, triggering scattered showers and storms. These fizzle out after dark for the most part, setting up the beginning of a dry and increasingly warm pattern into the weekend.

Through Tonight: Scattered showers and thunderstorms are around and about, very much hit-or-miss. Any that move over your area may produce briefly heavy rain, a burst of wind or two, and/or small hail. Nothing too serious, but an inconvenience. After dark, storms rapidly diminish. Skies are partly cloudy, with lows 54-61 (suburbs-city).

Friday: High pressure settles over the area and the air mass warms. With abundant sunshine, temperatures rise all the way into the mid-80s. Humidity levels remain comfortable and we have a pleasant breeze from the northwest at 10-15 mph.

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Pollen: All levels are LOW, except trees are LOW-MODERATE.

El Nino returning?: NOAA has issued an El Nino Watch, meaning there’s at least a 50 percent chance the pattern characterized by warmer than normal water in the eastern Pacific is returning before the end of the year. If El Nino returns, it might reduce hurricane activity in the Atlantic some this fall... and increase the chance of snow in the mid-Atlantic next winter.