When we talk heat wave, we’re usually looking at three days above 90 in a row. But by March standards, we’re in the midst of a heat wave as far as I’m concerned! We’ve seen another day of temperatures near 80 today, and it looks like we get there again tomorrow before a slight cool down brings us back down to more “normal” above average temperatures.

Through Tonight: It’s a delightful evening for an outdoor happy hour or dinner, and temperatures are pretty mild through the night despite low humidity, since they have so far to fall from highs. All of this under mostly clear skies. By morning, temperatures should range from the upper 40s in the coolest locations to the upper 50s in the warmer ones.

Tomorrow (Thursday): As the sun rises, temperatures quickly go back up as well. It’s another atypical March day full of plenty of sun and combined with a south and southwest wind. Highs should have little trouble getting to around 80 across the area, and a range of afternoon temperatures near 80 to the mid-80s seems pretty likely. We’ll need to watch for some isolated to scattered showers or storms by late afternoon as well, but their coverage is uncertain.

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March 80s: We average about one 80-degree day in March every year, but they tend to come in groups when they show up which skews the numbers. There was one last year, but before this year it was 5 years since the last multiple-occurrence March 80s. In 2007, there were two days above 80, though they were spread apart by almost two weeks. The most recent string of days 80+ occurred from the 29th to the 31st in 1998, and if it were not for a break on the 28th, it could have been a five day streak as it was 81 on the 27th.

Link: Pollen update