It’s right around normal out there today, but there’s no mistaking the power of April sunshine. Highs near 60 and into the low 60s feel quite good, especially during times of less in the way of breeze. But those breezes have been around all day, and especially noticeable this afternoon, with gusts as high as 30 mph or so.

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Through Tonight: A small disturbance passing to the north, sending a cold front to about the Maryland/Pennsylvania border, keeps us in more clouds through the evening and some should linger through the overnight. These extra clouds help insulate us a bit, so temperatures are milder than recently with lows in the low-40s in the coldest spots to near 50 in the warmest.

Tomorrow (Thursday): There should be some clouds around here and there during the day, though hopefully they’ll mainly be high level ones. Partial sunshine, and a surge of briefly warmer air, send temperatures into the upper 60s and lower 70s. Pretty delightful during the day! However, heading into evening, the chance of showers begins to grow, and that risk continues into the night.

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Return of the Dust Bowl? Drought continues to hamper many regions of the Southern U.S. Particularly hard hit have been Oklahoma and Texas. In Oklahoma, the four months following Thanksgiving were the driest period since 1921 in the lead up to the Dust Bowl. In Texas, where “extreme drought” coverage has tripled in the past month, it is the driest stretch since 1967. Drought conditions are also prevalent in parts of the Southeast U.S. See the latest Drought Monitor map for more.