It ended up a bit cloudier today than expected, but that has not kept temperatures down much. Highs near and just above 80 are well above average for the date, and with humidity levels running high, it certainly doesn’t feel much like fall. We’ve got some more mild times ahead for the rest of the work week. Enjoy -- if you’re into that sort of thing!

Through Tonight: Skies are mostly to partly cloudy through the night, perhaps favoring the cloudier side. We probably won’t run into the fog risk we saw last night, as low-level air is a bit drier and winds might help keep things mixed, but watch out for some patchy stuff here and there. A few showers are possible (30% chance), particularly toward morning.

Tomorrow (Thursday): It could be cloudier than not, especially in the first half of the day, but sun should generally increase as we move along. A few morning showers are possible (30% chance), and we could see an additional set during the afternoon as well. Even without tons of sun, temperatures should head for the upper 70s and lower 80s. Humidity also comes down a bit, though you’ll probably still notice it much of the day. Northwest winds are occasionally gusty as well.

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Snow: An early season snowstorm is increasingly likely, and now getting underway, in parts of the north central Plains and Minnesota. Winter storm watches are up for the region tonight into tomorrow, with the potential for 6 or more inches over northern North Dakota and Minnesota. Additionally, strong winds tomorrow may bring blizzard or near blizzard conditions. No word yet on a name, though it seems unlikely to be called Athena!

Pollen update: The most recent pollen count was washed out by rain.