Following a midday batch of rain that has since moved north of the area, additional and heavier rain is now making its way into southern parts of the region. It will continue to move north through the early evening and everyone should expect a solid drenching before it moves away late tonight and early tomorrow morning. All the clouds and moisture around have kept temperatures from getting much above the mid-40s across the area.

Through Tonight: Moderate to heavy rain -- maybe even a rumble of thunder -- is a good bet through around or just after midnight as low pressure moves toward and over the region overnight. After that, any leftover rain should tend to be more showery than the widespread activity of prior. Event totals of 1-1.5” are a decent bet. Temperatures may actually rise a bit as well, or at least stay where they are a good part of the night with lows mainly in the low-and-mid 40s.

Tomorrow (Thursday): It may still be fairly cloudy as the sun rises, but if so, we should clear pretty quickly thereafter. It’s a fairly nice day overall it seems, with partly to mostly clear skies and a light to moderate west wind that helps boost temperatures to a range of mid-50s to near 60.

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Heidi: Tropical storm Heidi struck western Australia today with sustained winds between 60 and 65 mph. The storm caused some of the world’s largest iron ore fields to close in addition to several oil pumps offshore. The main storm threat is heavy rain that continues as it diminishes over land.