The final day of our 6th heat wave of the season is winding down as D.C. adds on yet another 90+ one. But, all in all, it’s not too bad out there. A breeze and continually lowering humidity give the sense that the worst might be over when it comes to summer heat. I know I hope so! Better yet, the next few days should be further reminder of that.

Through Tonight: Pleasant evening temperatures falling through the 80s and 70s feel pretty sweet as today’s breeze dwindles a bit. Under partly cloudy skies, lows should reach near 60 in the suburbs to the upper 60s downtown.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Lots of sun with very little humidity! Don’t expect more than some passing clouds, at most, as highs head for the mid-80s. Northwest breezes continue, but probably lighter than today, around 5-10 mph.

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Tropics: We’re heading into the climatological peak of the season, and today the National Hurricane Center is watching three areas of disturbed weather. None are major threats for development, and one is the remnants of Emily, headed out to sea. Of note is an additional wave exiting Africa. This one is pretty far south (a plus for something to develop that can make it across).  Additionally, a persistent negative North Atlantic Oscillation, which keeps some blocking low pressure around, is slated to lessen, perhaps opening the door for a storm to move toward the East Coast down the line. 

Pollen update from Walter Reed: Walter Reed’s Susan Kosisky writes, “Trees are in the LOW range at 0.32 gr/cubic meter, grass pollen is LOW at 2.24 gr/cubic meter and weed pollen is LOW (NAB range) at 7.35 gr/cubic meter which is more moderate for our area weed count.  Mold spores are MODERATE at 10624.17 spores/cubic meter.”