Today we logged our 33rd 90+ day of 2011 and 9th in a row. While nine shy of 2010’s record pace, such days continue mounting with no end in sight. While the heat has been relentless, we found respite from the extreme humidity today and will tomorrow too. But another big dose of humidity lurks for late in the week.

Through Tonight: The most comfortable night we’ve had in a long time. Manageable humidity levels along with temperatures gradually dropping through the 80s are delightful relative to recent experience. As a weak disturbance moves through after midnight, we may see a period of considerable cloud cover, but shower chances are just 10%. Early morning lows range from the low 70s downtown to the low-to-mid 60s in the cooler suburbs.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): A day much like today - perhaps subtracting a couple degrees from max temps. Skies are mostly sunny, with highs 89-93. The 90-degree streak should continue, but an outside chance we don’t make it. (I’m sure that would devastate many readers.)

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First global warming debate: A fascinating account of the climate change debate in the late 1700s between Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster published in Smithsonian magazine is worth a read...

Chicago’s record single-day rain: In case you missed it, on Saturday morning the Windy City experienced a deluge that left 6.91”in the gauge. 5.53 of those inches fell in just two hours. The rainfall was the city’s greatest in a single-day since records began in 1871.

Pollen update: Walter Reed reports tree and weed pollen are LOW, grasses MODERATE, and mold spores HIGH.