A storm off the southeast coast has helped keep our skies mixed today. Periods of sun have been most prevalent over northern and western parts of the area, though many have seen at least a little this afternoon. Highs in the low-and-mid 50s are just a touch below normal, but mild morning lows may mean the end of our latest colder than normal streak.

Through Tonight: Skies are probably mixed, but overall, a cloudier than not night should help keep temperatures from reaching their coldest potential. It’s still cool, but nothing we shouldn’t expect by now, as lows reach the mid-or-upper 30s in any clearer outer suburbs, to the low 40s downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): We’ve probably got at least a modestly cloudy day on tap, particularly if you’re east of I-95, where there should be the most concentration of gray. Otherwise, winds are light and temperatures aren’t too far from normal. They make the mid-50s many spots, with a range of about 53-57 likely.

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Stominess elsewhere: Parts of the West Coast have already seen sizeable rain and snow totals over recent days, and a major barrage of precipitation and wind is scheduled to plague the Pacific Northwest throughout much of the week. Hurricane wind warnings have been up much of the day off the coasts of Washington and Oregon, as inland locations face gusts to around 60 mph. The forecast for the next five days calls for over half a foot of rain in many spots, and many feet of snow in the high country.