Our string of nicer temperatures continued today as highs mainly reach the mid-80s. Some building clouds this afternoon are a sign that we might again deal with hit-or-miss showers or t’showers in a few spots heading into the evening. Most places should stay dry, but keep in mind these little cells have been packing a rain punch, so you might not want to be umbrella-less if a solid one hits!

Through Tonight: We stick with a risk (20-30% chance) of a shower or thundershower until about sunset, perhaps a little more focused over south and west parts of the area. Hopefully not over the Nats or United games, either way! After any activity diminishes, we’re just looking at partly to mostly clear skies. Lows reach near 60 to the mid-60s.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Plan on partly sunny skies with slightly noticeably humidity levels. No big heat or humidity, but it’s still summer. Highs head for the mid-and-upper 80s. There seems to be less of a trigger for showers and thundershowers than recent days, but there’s enough of a signal to keep a 20% chance of late-day activity in the area.

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Pollen update: Susan Kosisky from the US Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab writes, “Tree pollen is LOW at 0.32 grains/cubic meter. Grass count is LOW (NAB range) at 3.51 grains/cubic meter, which is more moderate for local area grass counts. Weed count is LOW (NAB range) at 7.03 grains/cubic meter, which is more moderate for local area weed counts. Mold spores are in the HIGH range at 13456.29 spores/cubic meter.”