Considerable clouds held the mercury below 90 for a second straight day. And although it was humid, the mugginess sure was more tolerable without scorching temperatures. To close the week Friday, we have another day with highs in the 80s. How about we start a little streak of sub-90 days?

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map powered by iMapWeather (base map by Google). Click and hold on map to pan. Double-click to zoom. Refresh page to update. See larger map on our Weather Wall.

Through Tonight: Dew points (i.e. humidity levels) are running high (65-70), so don’t expect a lot of cooling tonight. Skies remain mostly cloudy with overnight low ranging from the mid-to-upper 60s in the cooler suburbs to the low-to-mid 70s downtown.

Tomorrow (Friday): Moist flow from the east continues, so we should have a steady stream of clouds. But the sun is likely to make some appearances...depending on how many, your high temperature may in fact reach the 90-degree mark or hold back in the mid-80s. Humidity levels are less than today, but still a bit sticky (dew points mid-60s).

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Pollen update: Walter Reed reports grass and weed pollen is LOW, and mold spores MODERATE.