Excessive heat watch Thursday | Code orange air quality Wed.

Heat and humidity levels overachieved today, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s and peak heat indices nearing 105. The atmosphere is juicy, and scattered thunderstorms are likely through the evening, especially in the northern suburbs. For Wednesday, it’s remains hot but is very slightly less humid than today with little chance of storms.

Through Tonight: There’s a 50-60 percent chance of storms north of the District and a 30-40 percent chance elsewhere. Storms that form are likely to produce very heavy rain and dangerous lightning, and possibly strong winds. To say it will be muggy is an understatement. Overnight lows range from the upper 70s downtown to the low 70s in the cooler suburbs.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): We’ll have more sunshine than today, so the mercury should have little trouble reaching the mid-90s. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few upper 90s. Dew points drop a few degrees - from the low 70s to near 70 - but few will notice the difference. It remains downright sultry with peak heat indices 100-105.

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Pollen update: Walter Reed reports grass pollen is MODERATE, with tree pollen, weed pollen, and mold spores LOW.

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