Clouds associated with a cold front inching south of the area have helped keep a lid on temperatures today, but we’ve still managed to rise to highs pretty close to normal in the upper 80s to near 90. Sadly, humidity levels have remained pretty high as well, and they look to stay near or above 65-70 degrees for a while at least. Tomorrow, we should ditch the clouds for the most part, and while it’ll be another warm one, it won’t be as hot as we’ve gotten used to this summer.

Through Tonight: The trend is toward clearer, but we may still have some clouds -- particularly high level -- for a while yet. Since the cold front won’t get very far south, we don’t get too much relief on the humidity scale, and that means another night of mild lows ranging from the upper 60s to the low-and-mid 70s.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): More in the way of sunshine returns to the area as do perhaps slightly higher temperatures. Winds are light and that means it won’t be the most comfortable day, though compared to recently, maybe not so bad. Highs reach near 90 or into the low 90s, with heat indices into the mid-90s

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Fish kill: The ongoing widespread drought is not only taking its toll on crops and other plantlife across the central U.S., but also fish. Relentless heat has caused lakes and rivers to dry up or to overheat. At least 40,000 shovelnose sturgeon were reported killed in Iowa last week as water temperatures neared 100 degrees. Similar issues have been reported in Nebraska and Illinois among other places.

Pollen update: Tree, grass and weed pollen is all LOW as of last count. Mold spores are HIGH.