It’s been a dreary day around here, though thankfully it’s not cold (yet) and we have not had any severe weather like places in the South. So I suppose it could be worse! Temperatures have been rather stagnant through the day, with most spots in the upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon, only a few degrees off lows. We’ve got more rain to go through and, before it’s all over, a few folks may even see snowflakes tomorrow.

Through Tonight: The lull in the rain showers — though many are still seeing drizzle — should come to an end during the evening as more activity pushes in from the west and southwest. Showers, some moderate/heavy with perhaps a rumble of thunder (better chances for strong or severe storms to our southeast), continue to be numerous through much of the night before decreasing some by morning. Readings may dip into the low-and-mid 40s (though the daily low seems unlikely to happen ‘til later in the day).

Tomorrow (Thursday): The storminess is slow to depart east and we may even get another push of lighter activity over the area during the morning or midday. As cold air filters in, it’s possible that spots — particularly north and west of D.C. and high in elevation — could see precipitation briefly mix with or change to snow. But it seems surface temperatures are very marginal to support that. So if it snows, it’s just of the conversational nature. Under mostly cloudy skies, highs may only make the mid-40s or so, and it’s going to be extra chilly with a strong northwest wind around 15-20 mph accompanied by higher gusts.

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Severe weather: Strong to severe storms have been sweeping across the South with at least a handful of storms potentially producing tornadoes — the NWS has issued at least 60 tornado warnings today. One storm in particular started in Louisiana during the pre-dawn hours and traveled across several states with several tornado reports along its path. That same storm apparently impacted parts of Auburn University where a tornado impact was feared earlier today. At least one person has been confirmed dead from storms, when a tree fell on a car near Atlanta. Storms are now moving through Georgia and into the Carolinas as the threat continues to shift east through the evening.

Storm chaser chat: What are the new advances in storm chasing and how are they helping the science of tornado forecasting? Find out answers to these questions and more (including your own!). Bradley Smull of NSF and Sonia Lasher-Trapp of Purdue will be online at Science Live to discuss tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST if you’re interested!