Partly sunny skies dominated the day, and the fact that spring is creeping ever closer might have been apparent if outdoors. Afternoon temperatures ranging from near 60 to the low 60s were quite delightful! There’s even more warmth ahead tomorrow, but first we might have to deal with a few rain drops here and there.

Through Tonight: We’re mostly cloudy pretty much all night, with showers possible and perhaps even a rumble of thunder during the evening. Showers may persist past midnight, particularly south and east. Most spots should not a lot or even any rain. Lows range from the lower 40s in the cooler suburbs to the upper 40s downtown.

Tomorrow (Thursday): It should be partly sunny overall, with pretty mild temperatures. Winds from the west will help warm the already toasty (at least for February) air mass. If clouds are numerous, mid-60s might be all we can do, but some places might try to run at 70 as well. There is a slight chance of a shower or two, particularly during the second part of the day, primarily over northwestern areas.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen has soared into the HIGH range at 106.07 grains per cubic meter. Trees waking up in full force include Elm, Cyprus, Juniper, Alder, Maple and Pine. We’re running well above average for this time of year on tree pollen, while mold spores remain LOW.