A formidable cold front is closing in on the metro region, but what a wild push of warm air out ahead of it! Temperatures spiked into the low 70s this afternoon while wind gusts from the south have soared to 40 mph. The cold front brings overnight showers but a return of sunny skies Friday and not as gusty winds.

Through Tonight: We’re dry for most of the evening, but winds remain up there, gusting to around 30 mph at times. After 10 p.m. or so, the chance of showers increases - and they’re pretty much a guarantee between midnight and sunrise. It’s very mild until late at night, when lows finally bottom out in the mid-40s. Rainfall amounts generally range from 0.25-0.5”.

Friday: Clouds around sunrise decrease such it’s mostly sunny by mid-morning. It’s still breezy though, and much cooler. Temperatures don’t do much during the day, with highs from 50-55 (northwest to southeast). Winds are from the northwest at 15-20 mph, with some gusts over 25 mph.

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Pollen: The warmer temperatures generated a pollen spike today, with tree pollen HIGH at 740 grains/cubic meter.