Hopefully everyone is enjoying the first day of 2011’s finest stretch of weather to date (at least in my opinion). A beautiful evening awaits to be followed by a delightfully crisp overnight. The best part of it all is we get to repeat this experience tomorrow...

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map powered by iMapWeather (base map by Google). Click and hold on map to pan. Double-click to zoom. Refresh page to update. See larger map on our Weather Wall.

Through Tonight: Enjoy the dry, refreshing evening air. We fall back into the 60s during the evening commute, and then gradually through 50s by the pre-dawn hours. Early morning lows range from near 40 in the cooler suburbs to the upper 40s downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Here’s another day with sunny skies and temps rising into the 70s. Whereas today, highs were generally in the low 70s, tomorrow we’ll probably see more widespread mid-70s. Winds are from the northeast at 5-10 mph.

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Pollen update: Walter Reed reported trees earlier today were HIGH at 736.42 gr/cubic meter. Grasses were MODERATE at 4.79 gr/cubic meter

Climate change and tornadoes: There has been much debate about whether the record tornado numbers in April are related to manmade climate change. NOAA published a preliminary evaluation today and concluded: “a claim of attribution (to human impacts) is ... problematic, although it does not exclude that a future change in such environmental conditions may occur as anthropogenic greenhouse gas forcing increases.”