With the cold front to our east, we’ve been graced with somewhat cooler air today and highs only in the 80s everywhere! Some clouds have helped dampen that late-summer sun as well. A little disturbance pushing through the region has set off some showers and storms, mainly north, south and west of us, but we may still see a few yet before the day is done.

Through Tonight: This afternoon’s rain chance (30%) may linger into early evening as showers and storms try to approach from the west, but odds dwindle as the night progresses, and most spots stay dry with the brunt of activity staying south and west. After that, we’ll see clearing skies. Temperatures may dip as far as the low 60s in the suburbs while downtown is closer to 70 for a low.

Tomorrow (Thursday): No weather troubles are ahead for Thursday, as we see mostly sunny skies and light winds from the northwest helping keep humidity in check. Highs reach the upper 80s to low 90s.

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Scorching rain: Sometimes nothing is better than a hot shower, but you probably don’t expect to run into one outside. Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters reports on rain that fell Monday at Needles, Ca. with an incredible temperature of 115 degrees! From information available, it seems this might be the hottest rain on record. Also, the 11 percent humidity was also the lowest humidity recorded with rain falling. Check out the obs!