It was another day of clouds, and temperatures refusing to move upward much, along with more precipitation. Ready for a break? I am. We’ve got one tomorrow, and it will bring temperatures well above today’s highs in the mid-30s to near 40. There’s a good deal of sunshine on tap as well, if you’re feeling a Vitamin D deficiency.

Through Tonight: Showers of note should be done as the storm system responsible for today’s rain pulls away. But, we stick with a fair amount of clouds -- as well as potential dense fog in spots -- through the nigt before more clearing toward sunrise. Temperatures probably don’t do a whole lot from today, with lows in the low 30s in the coldest spots to near 40 in the warm.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): After some possible morning clouds, we finally break out of the gloom and the associated cold wedge that’s been plaguing us recently. That means much more plentiful sunshine for a good part of the day, and also warmer temperatures rising into the low-and-mid 50s. Enjoy!

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Solar upheaval: The biggest solar storm in 7 years (nearly an X-class, the highest on the scale) is expected to impact Earth tomorrow morning. A Coronal Mass Ejection left the sun last night around 11 p.m. our time and should hit around 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Scientists do not expect a direct hit, but it will still be a strong glancing blow that lasts into the 25th. As a precaution, flights transiting the polar regions are expected to be rerouted. Additional impacts to satellites are also possible, as well as enhanced aurora displays.