We can’t seem to buy a truly sunny day around here, and today was just another example of that. Afternoon temperatures mainly in the mid-and-upper 40s are pretty close to normal, if perhaps a touch cool in spots. Winds, while not a major issue, have helped temperatures feel about 5-10 degrees colder throughout the day. With some luck, we’ll get some real sunshine tomorrow!

Through Tonight: Clouds that have been hesitant to leave the region should largely depart heading through this evening, though we might not end up mostly clear till we get toward morning. It’s more or less seasonably cool, with temperatures falling to the upper 20s in the colder suburbs to the mid-30s downtown.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Not a bad day at all really. Look for lots of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. Winds are around 5-10 mph, but probably decreasing as the day wears on.

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Europe’s foggy freeze: It has been a cold fall and early winter in much of Europe. Today, large parts of Britain were dealing with fog and freezing fog, which snarled domestic and international travel. The Huffington Post has compiled a nice set of imagery of the fog as well as icy conditions it caused.