Day 19 of below normal temperatures in November is winding down, after highs reached the mid-40s to near 50 across the area. At least there was a lot of sun for much of the day! Expect another cold night with a lot of places dropping well below freezing, followed by a cool -- but not too cold -- Thursday. Fear not, a warm up is coming!

Through Tonight: Our mostly clear conditions persist through the night, and it’s going to remain chilly. Lows should end up ranging from the mid-20s to near freezing. Winds are light, around 5 mph from the northwest.

Tomorrow (Thursday): We’ve got another day of plentiful sunshine ahead, with mostly clear skies the rule. Highs head for the mid-40s to near 50. Winds blow around 5-10 mph from the west throughout.

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Flu season: The weather’s getting colder, and that’s a cause for increased occurrences of the flu -- right? Not really. Though the flu peaks during the cold months, it’s mostly because children are back in school, in confined close contact with each other, and they bring the virus home with them. As of recent updates, the only state in the country with a high level of flu is the fairly mild Mississippi. If history is any guide, it’s only just begun.